Independence Day Quiz

styleHow well do you know your country?

Take our 12-question quiz to find out!

  1. What is the Supreme Law of the United States?

  2. Who was the first President of the United States?

  3. What are the three branches of the US government?

  4. If the President and the Vice President are unable to serve, who takes their place?

  5. The American War of Independence was fought against what country?

  6. The Bill of Rights is?

  7. What is one power that is reserved to the individual states?

  8. Which of these is not guaranteed to US citizens in the Constitution?

  9. Why does the US flag have 50 stars?

  10. What territory did the US buy from France in 1803?

  11. What countries did the US fight in World War II?

  12. What was one important thing Abraham Lincoln did?