July 4th Party Tips

Celebrate 4th of July with a bang! Fireworks are America’s most beloved Independence Day activity.

Needless to say, this fun family event has turned into a mixture of a full contact sport and a strategic puzzle. People stake their claim on a good viewing spot hours before dusk and families will map out the best driving routes to avoid traffic. If you do not come up with a game plan this 4th of July, you will be watching the fireworks from the comfort of your car or pushing through crowds of rude people. Luckily we have come up with a strategic foolproof plan that will ensure that your fireworks experience is not as violent and hectic as the battle of Lexington and Concord.

  • The week before the 4th of July, search the web and find out where the closest fireworks locations are. The earlier you start planning, the more traffic routes you can map out. You can find fireworks times and locations for many cities on our website.
  • Look in the newspaper for all of your state’s fireworks dates and locations. Some towns will hold their celebrations on July 3rd or even the weekend following Independence Day. These events are usually less crowded.
  • Do a casual drive by the day before and scope out where the fireworks are being held. This way you can plan parking and timing in advance.
  • Plan your day around the festive event. We’re not saying sit at home and don’t enjoy the 4th, but if you want to go out to dinner or have a barbecue do it in the afternoon. Most places get packed up to four hours before the ceremony starts.
  • Research restaurants, bars and coffee shops near the fireworks location. If you plan ahead you can watch the colorful explosions while sipping a Sam Adams summer ale at your favorite outdoor pub.
  • Go earlier in the day and lay out an old blanket to stake your claim. This is a classic move most Americans have mastered. We urge you to still show up early because people will get mad and take over your blanket, and yes we’re serious.
  • Park about a mile away from the event and walk. This allows you to enjoy the summer air, burn calories, and not be stuck in traffic on the way back.
  • Bring lots of bug spray. People are not the only thing that can ruin your 4th of July, the bugs will be out celebrating as well. Come prepared, wear pants and bring a sweatshirt to prevent getting bitten.
  • Depending on where you live, bring a sweater or jacket…  it may get cold as the night progresses.
  • Having a meeting spot with your family or friends in case you get separated.
  • Do not leave the second the fireworks stop, even if you think you have seen the big finale. The new rage is having two finales and you do not want to miss the final explosions.
  • Plan a 4th of July activity afterward so you can soak up all Independence Day has to offer, and you won’t be stressed about beating traffic.
  • If you have pets, plan in advance to keep them safe and comfortable during the festivities.

There is nothing more American than fireworks on the 4th of July. This year plan ahead by using our tips and we guarantee that you can enjoy your favorite fireworks show without any stress.