July 4th Activities

july-4th-activitiesIndependence Day is all about spending time with family, enjoying the sun, reflecting upon our country’s history, and of course, fighting aliens (just kidding!). We have cooked up some fun and original activities to help you get the most out of 4th of July. Whether you take our advice or not, make sure you spend a moment reflecting on the freedoms we take for granted every day.

    • Fire up the grill and flip some burgers. Barbecues and cookouts are one of the most popular ways to spend Independence Day.
    • Sport your reds, whites, and blues and and watch the parade. Check your local newspaper for information on 4th of July parades in your town.
    • Blast some Stars and Stripes Forever. A little John Philip Sousa never fails to get you in the patriotic spirit.
    • Dig into some apple pie. Nothing says America like a warm slice of fresh-baked goodness.

    • Exercise your freedom of speech. Bring a megaphone to your local park and tell everyone what you REALLY think of the president!
    • Put together a batch of potato salad. Potato salad is a cookout staple, and everyone will be glad you brought it.
    • Hit the beach! It’s the height of summer and prime time to catch some rays. Beaches will be crowded so be sure to claim your square of sand early.
    • Treat yourself to some fresh iced tea! If you’re feeling extra-patriotic, throw your glass overboard in the spirit of the Boston Tea Party.
    • Attend a baseball game. After all, it is America’s pastime.
    • Watch a movie about our country’s history. We suggest The Patriot, Glory, or Saving Private Ryan. To prepare yourself for next year’s 4th of July, check out Independence Day!

  • Make an Independence Day craft. Search “4th of July crafts” on google.com or check out MarthaStewart.com.
  • Challenge your family to a badminton duel, Brits against Yanks! Independence Day would not be the same without some friendly competition.
  • Launch a rebellion. We’re leaving this one up to you.
  • Light up some sparklers. Make sure children are old enough to handle them, as they are burning hot.
  • Go out for ice cream. Nothing cools you down more on a hot July afternoon.
  • Last but certainly not least, there is no better way to celebrate America’s birthday than to watch a rousing display of fireworks. Check out our page on the top  fireworks displays in the United States.

And if you’re still looking for something to do, test your knowledge of American history with our Independence Day Quiz!